The following list gives definitions of some of the terms found in the WrittenByYouniverse.


ARSE BEACON – Automated Remote Sentry Beacon (slang)

AUTOMATED REMOTE SENTRY BEACON – Small device used to scan an area for life-forms and feed the information back to a central processor. Often used in the field to prevent D-Jumps when they might be seen.


BIG 3 – See the Three Rules.

B.O.M.B. – Base Overwhelming Mental Bombardment. An extremely difficult and dangerous psychic attack which uses stored primal thoughts to cause severe mental damage, or even death to an opponent. Only the most accomplished psychics can even attempt it without risking mental damage to themselves. Banned on vX1.

BURN OUT – A psychic who has over-stretched and lost their abilities.



DEPARTMENT P – Division of PLEA tasked with training and developing psychic abilities.

DOVES – Name by which the Stonelake (cL14) city watch are commonly known.

DUST SQUAD – Psytech agents tasked with the most hazardous or sensitive “off-book” cases.

DUSTER – A Dust Squad agent (slang)


EMBRACING – The act of reconfiguring a subject’s long term mental outlook by altering the mental pathways discovered through Mapping.

ERGOMASTER RECLINER – State-of-the-art executive chair that automatically conforms to the sitter’s body shape, mass and position. Advertised as the ultimate in comfort.


FUZZING – The act of projecting a haze around the mind that throws up a myriad of unconnected thoughts designed to keep any casual psychic intruders from reading your intentions.



HOLY TRINITY – See the Three Rules.

HUSK – An ex-psychic whose burn out was so extreme as to wipe all but the basic brain functions.


i-COMMS – Manufacturer of high tech computing and entertainment systems on vX1.


JUMP-MONKEYS – D-Scouts (slang)

JUMP-TECH – Technician working for the PLED responsible for operating and maintaining the sophisticated equipment used in dimension hopping. Jump-Techs are also responsible for logging all jumps.




MAPPING – The act of exploring another’s mind in preparation for Embracing.

MOP SQUAD – Division of PLEA tasked with removing all trace evidence of Big 3 violations and PLEA interference in other dimensions.



ORGANISATION (THE) – New York crime syndicate – hD6


PATHFINDERS – Specially trained agents of PLEA tasked with exploring and mapping new dimensions.

P-LAW – Term for an agent of the Psytech Law Enforcement Agency (slang)

PSYTECH LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY (PLEA) A.K.A. P-LAW – Self-appointed agency based on vX1 responsible for the policing of psychic law across the known dimensions.

PSYTRAN – The process of psychically passing information directly from one person to another.



RAMPART DEVICE – A technical device designed to block psychic intrusion. Highly illegal.


SPIKING – The act of redirecting a subject’s single thought, without disturbing their core mental map.

STOTTIES – A flat round loaf cooked on the oven bottom.


THE THREE RULES A.K.A THE BIG 3, A.K.A. THE HOLY TRINITY – The three core rules dimension hoppers are expected to follow whilst in other dimensions. These being: Rule 1) The existence of other dimensions may not be divulged to unknowing members of the lesser advanced dimensions. Rule 2) Advanced technology may not be introduced to the lesser advanced dimensions. Rule 3) Psychic abilities may not be used to take advantage of unknowing members of the lesser dimensions.

TREKATECH – Clothing company specialising in outdoor gear. (vX1)




WHITECLOAKS – Name by which the Stonelake (cL14) city watch are commonly known.




ZARDOZ – Nobody wants to see Connery in a nappy, no matter what dimension they’re in!