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Mark Barrett

Little MarkI love writing. I love reading. The order changes sometimes.

I teach English and English Literature at a Northeast secondary school. This does not make me an expert on reading and writing, but it does mean that I have access to some of the harshest, most brutal critics in the world – teenagers!

I have a Masters Degree in literature, which qualifies me to waffle on about books and writers when I go to the pub.

I enjoy making jams, pickles and chutneys. And sometimes curds.

I believe in creativity for the sake of it – and in not worrying about whether all of your paragraphs start with the same letter.

Why do so many of us stop writing for pleasure when we become adults?

Alister Davison

IMG_2009I’ve been an avid reader and writer of fantasy, sci-fi and horror fiction since I can remember. 

In October 2016 my short story “Darkest Before” featured in the Wear’d Tales anthology, which can be found here

My current work in progress is a novel-length story set in a fantastical (and admittedly twisted) version of twentieth-century Paris, and when not writing I’m reading my way through a frightening amount of Star Trek tie-in novels. That’s a lot of hyphens.

I can also be found reviewing books for Starburst Magazine, or adding the occassional entry to my blog at




Paul R Green

A lifelong crime, thriller, fantasy fiction paul cameraand comic-book fan, as well passionate movie-buff, Paul has primarily concentrated upon screenwriting – working in script development as a founder member of North East based production company Scattered Pictures. He has had the occasional dip into writing short stories just for fun. When Mark came up with the idea for WrittenByYou he was inspired to take up the form again, believing all creative writing helps stimulate the brain and can sometimes feed other projects. Unfortunately, to pay the bills and keep pet rabbit Bert in carrots he has to also work part-time as a civil servant. His dream is to make a living around the creative things in life and to own a house with a library; preferably one with many leather-bound books and one of those sliding ladder things.