This Man

By S. K. Thomas

He came unexpectedly in the dimly lit darkness. Charming and self-assured he drew me in with his kind and impassioned way. His voice soothed as it left calm in its wake and rippled onto me like a phantom blanket that provided warmth and peace. Hypnotic, as all else faded away.

This man invaded: my mind fixated, my heart left infatuated and my soul infiltrated. Time moved forward and he was there. He found his way into my heart. Nurture and care were experienced through his patience and teaching. His consistent and unwavering strength proved my trust. The role he plays in life left me wanting to be a better person. My head swirled in the gravity the universe left abound around us.

I was not in control and had to get away. I was confused and scared. I hadn’t been looking for anyone, yet he fell in my lap. I didn’t want to wrap him in my problems, but there he was and I couldn’t resist him. He felt like an old friend, yet I didn’t know him at all. I was adamant he wouldn’t capture my heart.

My eyes and ears fell onto reminders of times shared with him. Pictures of yesterday made me smile. This man left me in a dreamy state as I thought of what was. Love for me was gone long ago until he showed what real love could be. I tried to flee, only to question why I would run. He opened my eyes to so much more than I ever thought possible.

Together, submersed in our secrets and truth, we serve a purpose for one another in a metamorphosed existence.

This man, I can think of no other.


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