Stories, stories, stories…

This is a site for writers, and also for readers. Our aim is to slowly but surely build the biggest story ever written, and we need you to do it.

On this site are a number of short stories. We invite you to read as many or as few of them as you like (feeling free to comment). Once you have done that, decide if it has inspired you to write one of your own. If it has, then do it! We would then hope that you would want to share it with us.

In order for us to guide readers through our site make sure that your new story contains something from one of those already published. It could be a character, a place, an object – it doesn’t matter. Submit your story to us, and we will give you personal feedback on your writing, including editing tips. Once it is of a level and calibre to join our other stories, it will be added to the site as a post for everyone to read – having been hyperlinked to whichever other story or stories inspired you.

For example, Paul read Mark‘s original story ‘Psytech Dealings‘ and was inspired to write about a minor character mentioned within. So his new story ‘Cole‘ features hyper-links to ‘Psytech Dealings’ and vice versa.

Every story, therefore, will link together in some way, to produce the biggest story ever written.

Written by You!

Guidelines for Submitting a Story

25 thoughts on “Stories, stories, stories…

  1. I think that this is a golden opportunity to give and receive feedback on a broad, yet particular, set of subjects in many genres! The idea is innovative and exciting!

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  2. Let’s see if you can post one of my few stories . My file is overloaded with stories . Hope you and your followers read my Book on short stories : Journey from Guwahati to Machhiwara available on for 9.99 $


    • Hi Rajivbakshi, we’d love to consider one of your stories for submission. Obviously, you would need to make sure that it has a place, character or object in it from one of our existing published stories (so some tweaking and rewriting, at the least, would be needed). Once you’re ready, please submit it via the ‘Guidelines for Submitting a Story’ page or email it to us at Thanks for your comments and your interest.

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